Case Study

Creating Visuals Through Reporting


Our Federal client had captured data from thousands of users and they needed to make sense of it all. The client needed to be able to make decisions from the data and identify new patterns. They were looking for different types of completed reports, where the recipients were stuck in the workflow, and many more use cases. All of this data needed to be presented to stakeholders either on an ad hoc basis or weekly.


We used Tableau to analyze and transform raw sets of data into an easily understandable format. Our data was being exported as a csv file from the source system and imported into Tableau. We were able to build calculations and forecasts to optimize the data. We created dashboards from the various views we put together from our analysis. The dashboards helped our stakeholders uncover patterns and spot trends that were not apparent in previous reports from the old system.

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Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstrong

Key Performance Metrics

Decreased time in identifying outstanding filers

Decreased time in identifying workflow issues

Report generation time reduced from days to minutes


OmniSolve provided charts and graphs an accessible way to see and understand the data. The stakeholders can now spot trends, identify opportunities, to make data-driven decisions with confidence. OmniSolve also introduced new concepts and processes that can be adapted anywhere. These scalable and flexible solutions can grow and transform as GSA management needs change.

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