Case Study

Content Management for Historic Buildings


Our Federal client had an aging system, a database of historic building information and photos, which was difficult for the internal customers to navigate and utilize. It was also utilizing end-of-life technology and required a modernization solution. The customer did not like their current system but did not know what they wanted to replace it.


Omnisolve partnered with the Federal Client to understand their pain points and to brainstorm and prototype potential solutions. The result was the development of a “shared vision” of the features and functions of an “ideal system” to meet the client’s future needs:

  • Simple Entry Screens for new documentation and photos
  • An “Electronic Filing Cabinet” to keep documents and photos well-organized
  • Document and Photo view / preview capabilities
  • Robust Search capabilities
  • Robust Printing / Output capabilities
  • Migration of all relevant current content to the new system
  • Controlled permission for content modification / wide permission for content viewing and downloading
  • Maintain relevant reference data / metadata that existed in the current system
  • Reporting capabilities


  • Omnisolve delivered a Content Management / Document Management solution for the client, built on the Alfresco Document Management platform.
  • Omnisolve developed a dedicated document site for the customer with custom content types for each of their document types and photographs.
  • Omnisolve provided a taxonomy to assist the customer in organizing their content in a way that would be useful to the entire agency.
  • We developed custom upload capabilities to facilitate the retrieval of related metadata from agency databases.
  • We developed capabilities for the customer to mass-upload documents and photos to share relevant metadata, easing the document and data entry functions.
  • Omnisolve partnered with the customer to identify and normalize all content that was to be migrated from the legacy system to the Content Management solution, and migrated the content, providing validation reports to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the content migration.
  • Omnisolve partnered with the client to develop custom training on the new system for both casual and power users.
  • The customer gave the Omnisolve team high praise for our partnership in developing a solution that was called a “100% improvement” over the legacy system.

Technologies & Methodologies

Alfresco Jira Agile 
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