Cloud Strategy, Assessment, Security, and Application

Our consultants bring years of experience in providing cloud consulting services to our customers on various types of cloud deployments and help enable cloud-based technologies. This includes cloud readiness (feasibility) assessments, Cloud strategy for adaptation, build Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) automation and provisioning capabilities, application rationalization, migration planning & implementation, customization strategies for public and private cloud capabilities and ongoing management.  Our team has comprehensive experience with Robust and Proven Technology Stacks used to support cloud migrations.  We integrate cloud deployment capabilities with agile processes to develop "DevSecOps" framework and assist in guiding this cultural change in the organizations. We have demonstrated experience in helping our clients achieve Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using vast techniques of automation methodologies. 

Our value to clients is:

Cloud Consulting Services. 

Our cloud architects provide cloud advisory through collaboration, process agility and innovative business models.  OmniSolve can support our clients in
a) Developing a comprehensive Cloud Strategy & Roadmap
b) Defining how to migrate to the cloud by analyzing and developing an optimized migration strategy for your organization
c) Providing analyses of alternatives on which cloud model to migrate to by adopting an appropriate mix of public, private, or hybrid clouds
d) Identifying what applications to migrate to cloud.  This includes identifying cloud readiness candidates, setting priorities on applications, collaborating with the application teams and developing an optimized process for migration

Agile Approach for Cloud Migration Automation. 

Our cloud team understands the importance of aligning technology decisions with our client’s strategic goals to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs.  Our collaborative partnership in providing an agile approach with our clients has significantly affected change in the areas of:
a) Programmable and repeatable infrastructure for various projects across organization of all sizes.
b) A template based-tool set used to declaratively define and build infrastructure resources.
c) Enable project teams to use standard template based code for self-provisioning, and allow application developers to apply software development tools such as version control systems (GitHub), automated testing libraries, and deployment orchestration to manage infrastructure.
d) Application owners can define, provision, and manage the infrastructure resources they need, without needing operations staff to do it for them.
e) Improvements are made and deployed continuously (CI/CD and DevOps) by adopting small bets using “agile sprints” rather than done through expensive and risky “big bang” projects.
f) Testing, provisioning, and management of infrastructure are done as part of an automated pipeline
g) Infrastructure is deployable as individual components (micro services)

Case Studies