Service Oriented Architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an information technology (IT) architectural strategy that uses a flexible set of design principles during systems development and integration to formulate business solutions.

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Quality Assurance

At OmniSolve, quality assurance (QA) is not overhead. It’s not an afterthought. Quality assurance remains integral to every project and program.

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Program Management

A company’s program management office (PMO) generally oversees a group of related projects or programs focused on a common goal. Simple in concept.

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Project Management

The primary cause of most project failures is ineffective or insufficient project management. OmniSolve understands that indecisive leadership, inadequate budgeting and scheduling, and poor planning can imperil project success.

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Performance Management

Performance management uses performance indicators and information to focus on employee capability relative to the organization’s needs, as well as to assess the relevance of employee tasks and communication effectiveness within the company.

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