OmniSolve offers expertise in a wide range of industries and has in-depth experience across the system life cycle. We can mobilize the people, skills, and technology that you need to support your efforts. By aligning business processes and information systems, we empower you with the right business solutions to gain competitive leadership advantage — delivering measurable and quality results in accelerated time frames.

Government Services

With today’s demand for improved government services and our country’s desire for a more proactive approach to terrorism at home and abroad, there is an urgent need to modernize the federal government so that it becomes more citizen centered, efficient, and results oriented. As such, there is a heavy emphasis on identifying collaborative efforts, reducing redundancy in organization, process, and technology, and leveraging best practices and agency assets. OMB, in response to the Clinger-Cohen Act, has mandated federal agency conformance and alignment with the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA).
OmniSolve has significant experience across federal and local levels of the government. We have demonstrated capabilities in various government functions including purchasing and acquisition, asset management, realty, law enforcement, finance, sales, customer service, HR, payroll, and billing.

We have implemented both custom and COTS package applications and have developed enterprise reporting and integration solutions. The latter initiatives resulted in business process improvements and the integration of numerous disparate applications. This helped provide management visibility of the performance of their organization and enabled them to target improvement areas that would better meet financial and operational goals. Furthermore, our integration solutions have proven helpful for law enforcement to improve research and analysis for proactive decision-making and to respond more quickly to emergencies. For the finance department, our integration solutions have demonstrated improvements in effectiveness in A/P, cost management, and receivables collection through the receipt of timely and improved quality data.

Our government clients have and continue to depend on our ability to help them identify and deploy initiatives that are critical to their success.


The Telecommunication industry has rapidly evolved over the years and continues to operate in a quite volatile, technology-dependent, and competitive landscape. As such, it is imperative that communications companies become and remain knowledgeable of the products that exist in the marketplace that can provide them the competitive advantage bring their products to market faster, and allow them the flexibility to customize for their specific needs.

OmniSolve has extensive experience in the Communications industry with large RBOCS as well as start-up telecommunications companies. Our experience spans the entire business process including pre-sales, point of sale, order entry, order management, provisioning, billing, and finance.

Financial Services

The banking and financial institutions are challenged to adapt to the ever-changing new economy in today’s global market. The Financial industry is directly affected by new regulatory and post mergers and acquisitions activities more than ever before.

Financial service providers that were strictly defined and segmented are becoming universal banks and financial services supermarkets. Banks are offering insurance products, insurance companies are offering banking products, and brokerage firms are offering both. And everyone is racing to find comprehensive solutions addressing their specific problems.

Additionally, the capital markets and banking industries are challenged with building new infrastructures without having to completely replace their existing systems. As the securities industry shifts to a pressed settlement timeframe in 2004, the need to move away from manual processing toward automated methodologies is stronger than ever.

The IT challenges in the Financial industry are enterprise wide and spread among multiple lines of businesses. The sheer presence of competitive forces coupled with the promise of improved cost structure initiatives associated with years of developing despairs IT systems have provided additional challenges to current business leaders.

OmniSolve has teams of professionals with domain expertise in financial services and tactical enterprise integration experience that not only understand the impact of market trends, but can provide you with comprehensive insight of new technologies and solutions required to offer real value for your future.


Energy companies are striving to meet the country’s need for clean, efficient, reliable energy sources while maintaining a commitment for environmentally responsible energy production.
OmniSolve has demonstrated strong knowledge of the business area surrounding the oil and gas industry through its work with major oil companies. It has expertise in commodities trading, supply, shipping and transportation, settlement, and finance. Our resources have worked on delivering mission critical applications. Our resources have worked on a highly complex, mission critical commodities trading, settlement, and accounting application supporting users throughout the world in order to streamline business processes, share data, and provide visibility to users in various departments about the status and financial aspects of a trade. In addition, our resources have been involved in implementing a settlement and accounting system for the marine division of a major oil company. This system was integrated with a contracting system and an application used by and deployed on each marine vessel. The accounting system provided close to real-time accounting of bunker fuel, agents, and commodity shipments.

Law Enforcement

The law enforcement agencies are working diligently in aligning their systems and processes so that they can proactively respond to terrorism at home and abroad. This effort has involved tremendous cooperation at all levels of government – federal, state, and local – in order to better share data, personnel, and best practices in efforts to reduce the threats that are faced every day. OmniSolve has successfully implemented several mission critical applications for law enforcement agencies. Our team of resources has experience in reviewing COTS packages and implementing solutions for Case and Records Management and Dispatching. We have worked closely with law enforcement agencies across the country to better understand our clients' needs and customizations and have successfully deployed highly complex functionality supporting sites across the United States, with rapid performance and 24x7 availability. Furthermore, these applications required functionality to support multiple time zones, a highly secured network, failover capabilities, and partner site sharing for those sites that required additional support.