The banking and financial institutions are challenged to adapt to the ever-changing new economy in today’s global market. The Financial industry is directly affected by new regulatory and post mergers and acquisitions activities more than ever before.

Financial service providers that were strictly defined and segmented are becoming universal banks and financial services supermarkets. Banks are offering insurance products, insurance companies are offering banking products, and brokerage firms are offering both. And everyone is racing to find comprehensive solutions addressing their specific problems.

Additionally, the capital markets and banking industries are challenged with building new infrastructures without having to completely replace their existing systems. As the securities industry shifts to a pressed settlement timeframe in 2004, the need to move away from manual processing toward automated methodologies is stronger than ever.

The IT challenges in the Financial Industry are enterprise wide and spread among multiple lines of businesses. The sheer presence of competitive forces coupled with promise of improved cost structure initiatives associated with years of developing despairs IT systems have provided additional challenges to current business leaders.

OmniSolve has teams of professionals with domain expertise in financial services and tactical enterprise integration experience that not only understand the impact of market trends, but can provide you with comprehensive insight of new technologies and solutions required to offer real value for your future.

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